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Work with a team that gives a damn

Work with a team that gives a damn


Tanya Ambrose in Macon, GA

Visual Directing

Akila Clark working with Alix Moore in Atlanta, GA


Sapreem of Self Centered Entertainment

Other Services

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media/Content Creation
  • Web Design/Set-Up
  • Business Action Planning
  • Visual Development
  • Content Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Photo/Film/Sound Editing
  • Production Assistants

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Bernie Dubbs

Black Business Minded Women

Akila's customer service is superb. She under promises and over delivers. Her prices are unbelievable. You will get more product than you pay for. Thank you again for everything.

Camille Smith


I am thankful to wonderful ladies like you who continue raising the bar on professionalism in a Black Owned Business. I look forward to doing more projects with you!

Sharieah Johnson

Lipstick Beauty

I came across Akila on Twitter. I had gotten plenty of dm’s from people all over but she actually took time to listen to what I wanted and brought it to life. She was very hands-on as well.

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